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B i o g r a p h y


Ayana V. Jackson’s work seeks to crystallize the experience of contemporary Africa and African diasporic societies.

She combines honed technical skills with richly laced historical allusions to create hauntingly candid portraits that depict varying constructions of African and African-American identities.

She does this through several photographic approaches ranging from reportage and portraiture to performance and studio based pracIce.


Based between Johannesburg, New York and Paris, Jackson has exhibited her work in associaIon with Gallery MOMO (Johannesburg, RSA), Galerie Baudoin Lebon, (Paris, FR), Primo Marella Gallery (Milan), Galerie Sho Contemporary (Tokyo, Japan), and the  San Francisco Mexican Museum (USA). She has received grants from the Marguerite Casey FoundaIon as well as the French InsItute, the latter supporIng her parIcipaIon in the 2009 Bamako African Photography Biennial.


Public art exhibiIons include, The Space Between Us in associaIon with Ifa Gallery (Berlin/ Stuttgart) and Round 32 of Project Rowhouses in Houston's 3rd ward (USA).


Her photography has been featured in publicaIons including the exhibiIon catalogue for Poverty Pornography & Archival Impulse produced as a collaboraIve effort between her Paris and Johannesburg galleries (2013), the exhibiIon catalogue for her series African by Legacy, Mexican by Birth (produced in collaboration with writer/filmmaker Marco Villalobos in 2006), as well as academic journals n.paradoxa, "Souls: A CriIcal Journal of Black PoliIcs, Culture, and Society" (Columbia University), and art reviews such as Art South Africa, Art + AucIon, Camera Austria, Afrique in Visu, Proximo Futuro/Next Future (Gulbenkian FoundaIon) and Dutch based ZAM magazine.

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