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L e a p  f r o g   ( a   b i t   o f   t  h e   o t h e r )   G r a n d   M a t r o n   A r m y ,   2 0 1 0 


In Leapfrog (a bit of the other) Grand Matron Army, multiple generations of women - from the pre-colonial to the afropolitan - are presented in tandem. By doing so we are reminded of complexity, legacy, and three-dimensionality. However, in the process of deconstructing these varied subjectivities, I am also motivated to interrogate how the woman’s body (specifically the non-white woman’s body) is eroticized / exoticised. To go further, as it relates to the black female body specifically, I question the myriad “caricatures” assigned to her during colonial and postcolonial times.

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